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This Section
Found on the Internet at large and edited for clarity:

We understand that you have not been able to receive a Sync signal.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

In order to resolve the issue we need to check the Sync at the NID (Network Interface Device) level. If you don't have sync at NID level you have to contact your local Telco.**

**[My Comment - this one sentence above is seriously wrong though - Earthlink will need to create a Trouble Ticket for you as seen near the end of this information, keep reading... they do get it right finally]

Please perform the testing for sync at the NID

Note: We now have a PDF document with step by step instructions on how to perform this. If you wish to view it, then please go to the following URL:
< »www.earthlink.net/broadband/pdf/···tnid.pdf >

This procedure allows us to test for sync at the NID (Network Interface Device). The NID is a device provided by your phone company that routes your phone line(s) out of your home. Usually a NID is a small plastic or metal box on the exterior of your home. If you live in an Apartment Complex, the NID may be larger and possibly inaccessible. You may need to contact your apartment manager to gain access to your NID.

Find the NID at your home, gather your DSL modem, a length of phone cord, the modems power supply, and possibly an extension cord. Take these outside to where the NID is located.

Most NID's open up, have a series of wiring and one or two line test plugs. These are just like the ports in your standard wall jack. Usually the test ports have a pigtail connector (like what is on your phone line) in them.

Remove the pigtail connector; insert your phone line into it, the other end into the DSL modem. Hook up the power supply. Turn the modem on.

If your modem shows sync at the NID (Please allow 5 minutes to check for sync), it means that, somewhere inside your house, your lines are disrupting your DSL signal. Sometimes, alarms or home security equipment can disrupt your DSL connection.

If you are still experiencing no sync problem at the NID, please contact technical support at 888-829-8466 to get a trouble ticket opened for this issue.

The PDF Guide is also available here:
Local copy of the syncatnid.pdf file

There is an online tutorial version here:

Hopefully this information will help get your loss of sync at the NID issue escalated to Tier 2 Support and quickly get your Trouble Ticket in the system.

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last modified: 2006-02-02 08:44:52