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cd change your current directory (cd directory_name_here)
clr_fqueues deletes your failqueueslots this won't delete your queues (same as: clr_fqs|clrfqs)
clr_queue deletes one of your queues (clr_queue|del_q|clr_q )
clr_queues deletes all your queues
dir lists all files and directories in your current directory (same as: ls)
failq lists your failqueues (failq|fq|failqueue )
find searches fileserver. wildcards are supported (find )(same as: search)
get gets file from the file server (get filename_here)
help displays this help menu
my_queues lists your queueslots (same as: my_q|myq)
pwd shows your current directory
queues shows the list of waiting queues (same as: q)
quit closes this fserve session (same as: exit|bye)
sends shows the list of current sends (same as: s)
stats shows file server statistics
time shows when this session times out
who shows who else is on the file server

All commands are used without parentheses ( ) , as shown in bold EG: dir
Note: some of these commands may not be supported by some Fserves.

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