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"Actually it is 10240KB. However the max size of an attachment is only about 6.5-7MB due to MIME encoding overhead which adds around 30+% to the file size. For example an 8MB attachment would be over the 10MB mailbox size due to the extra MIME encoding.

You can test this by sending yourself say a 6MB file then close your mail client so you don't receive it. Then go to the WebMail and note the size of the mail. It will be larger then the 6MB.

Example: I just sent a 6MB zip file. WebMail shows the size as 8020KB due to the MIME encoding overhead.

The 5MB e-mail attachment size limit is a good rule of thumb so it doesn't go over the limit due to the encoding overhead."

"The "Parent" mailbox size for the 3Mb customers is 25MB and a total of 10 e-mail accounts. The 9 additional e-mail accounts are 10MB. One of the 10 e-mail accounts needs to be marked as the "Parent" account to get the 25MB mailbox size on that account. However the maximum sending and receiving size for any one e-mail is still 10240KB.

All e-mail accounts for the 384Kb customers are 10MB and a total of 5 e-mail accounts."

Thanks to stan999 See Profile and his post in this thread /forum/remark,11786032~mode=flat.

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