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Common Problems during the Setup of your DSL Modem

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How can I fix some of the common problems during the setup of my DSL modem?

If the power light on your modem is not lit after plugging it in check your power cable to make sure that it is plugged into a working electrical outlet, is securely plugged into your DSL modem, and is not worn, frayed, or broken. If your DSL modem has an On/Off switch, make sure that it is in the ON position.

If the DSL light is not lit when you first connect your modem:

•Make sure you are installing your DSL equipment after 5 p.m. on your Service Activation Date (the date you were given when you signed up for EarthLink DSL).
Make sure your modem is connected to a telephone jack that has been activated for DSL.
•If your phone company installed a phone jack specifically for your DSL connection, make sure your modem is connected to that telephone jack.
•Verify that the connections between your computer, DSL modem, and phone jack are connected correctly and securely.
•Turn the modem off (or unplug it), wait 10 seconds, then turn the modem back on (or plug it back in). Plug your modem into another phone jack in your home and check t osee if the DSL light lights up. Remember to plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet.
•Some 900 MHz phones and halogen lamps may interfere with a DSL signal. If you are using any of these devices, try unplugging them. If unplugging one of these devices allows your modem to receive a DSL signal, try plugging the device into an outlet on a different electrical circuit (this may eliminate any interference).
•Computer monitors and stereo speakers may interfere with a DSL signal. If your DSL modem is on top of a monitor or speaker, try moving it.

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last modified: 2006-03-20 06:15:13