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Not confirmed as a complete list:

512/512 - DSL Basic
160/96 - Basic Lite
1.0meg (Sync 1184/160) - Advertised 1.0meg service
1.0meg (Sync 1184/384) - NOT Advertised
1.0meg (Sync 1184/800) - NOT Advertised
1.5meg (Sync 1728/384) - Advertised 1.5meg service
1.5meg (Sync 1784/800 & 1784/640) - NOT Advertised, some people have been put on this profile as an upgrade, if their line cannot support higher download speeds.
2.0meg (Sync 2496/800 & 2496/640) - NOT Advertised
2.5meg (sync 3008/640) - NOT Advertised
2.5meg (sync 3008/800) - Advertised 3meg service
3.0meg (sync 3488/800 & 3488/640) - NOT Advertised
3.5meg (sync 4032/640) - NOT Advertised
3.5meg (sync 4032/800) - Advertised 4meg service
4.5meg (sync 5056/800) - Advertised 5meg service
5.5meg (sync 6016/800) - Advertised 6meg service
14.5meg (sync 16357/1087) - Advertised 16meg service

The speeds you can expect for some of the above profiles is as follows:

535/80KB/sec = 5056/800kbit sync profile Current "5meg package"
425/80KB/sec = 4032/800kbit sync profile Current "4meg package"
375/80KB/sec = 3488/800kbit sync profile
310/80KB/sec = 3008/800kbit sync profile Current "3meg package"
250/70KB/sec = 2496/640kbit sync profile
175/80KB/sec = 1728/800kbit sync profile
175/70KB/sec = 1728/640kbit sync profile
175/40KB/sec = 1728/384kbit sync profile
125/70KB/sec = 1184/640kbit sync profile
125/40KB/sec = 1184/384kbit sync profile
125/16KB/sec = 1184/160kbit sync profile
credit HiVolt See Profile

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • My down load speed my be fast according to bell but its not much faster then my old dial up speed ??? what a rip off.

    2012-01-02 11:50:55

  • This information is ancient. Bell now offers MAX services. I am PAYING for MAX 16 - they also have MAX 12. My highest speed to date has been 10 and that was like once in two months of testing. So I am getting SERIOUSLY ripped-off considering my AVERAGE speed is 3 Mbps - while, again - paying for 16 Mbps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2009-12-20 21:00:34

  • 310-SURF send you to http://service.sympatico.ca/index.cfm?method=categories.view&category_id=654 - they subsequently ask to download the Alcatel USB Modem driver executable and measure your "transfer rate" based on the time to download, I find this unreliable.

    2009-03-16 09:35:03 (siljaline See Profile)

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