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This is my second digital camera, after a Sony Mavica (which was only 1.3 MP). I looked at a lot of review sites before buying, and this one had great reviews. A few different things sold it to me, one was that you were able to control everything manually, another was the size, and the fact that it took standard batteries, as opposed to proprietary batteries that can cost a lot. My NIMH Energizer batteries are 2300MAH, and last a day or two before I have to recharge. I find that pretty impressive. The image quality is also great, and the camera has a lot of extra features. The custom white balance, MANY different modes, video, and the AF assist lamp are wonderful things to have.. So if you want a camera that can take higher resolutions than the A75, and don't want to pay the extra money for an A95, I'd definitely recommend this camera.

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