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Sympatico has partnered with MSN to provide content to Sympatico customers. One of the changes with this relationship is that MSN now provides email service for new Sympatico customers, regardless if they subscribe to the MSN Premium service or not.

One way for an existing Sympatico customer to receive this upgrade is to subscribe to the MSN Premium service and then cancel. However, it is not necessary for existing customers to subscribe to the MSN Premium service to receive this upgrade. Simply visit » and follow the instructions to upgrade your email accounts at no charge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure that you thoroughly read the Help/FAQ Section and understand the changes that will be required, as well as the full conseqences of the change that will take place. This upgrade CANNOT be reversed so please do not proceed unless you completely understand what will happen.

Also be aware that some anti-virus scanners will not work with the new SSL secure login required by the upgraded email platform. If you use such an antivirus scanner, you will need to disable email scanning until your antivirus provider can supply a work-around or upgrade.

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last modified: 2005-01-01 23:03:27