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The Direcway NOC stores a database of all users. When new firmware is developed a message stating that a new download is available is sent to all DW6000's or DW4020's as appropriate. Your modem acknowledges the message and tells the NOC to send it. The firmware is sent, received, a checksum is performed and then the modem sends a message back saying it received the firmware. The message then initiates an update to the database for your modem's record. As you can imagine if you do this for 100,000 or more remotes and they all send back the acknowledgement at the same time this could cause a severe system overload. To avoid this, there is a delayed acknowledgement feature. When the firmware is downloaded to your modem a configuration file is also sent to turn on a timer and specify a specific time. This time will be several hours and is different for every remote the firmware is sent to. After the back off timer has reached its time then the message will be sent to the NOC from your modem stating it has received the firmware and the database will be updated. After this the "First Heartbeat" message will be cleared. The Received First Heart Beat message is not an indicator of a problem or that you have not received all the update. It will be in that state until your remote has acknowledged the firmware download from the NOC.

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last modified: 2005-12-11 19:41:09