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  • FTP Access problem
I visited the ftp enable link, and I am unable to access the ftp site via two different programs I tried. It would prompt for the password, and would give an incorrect login error. I waited at least a minute before I even started trying to connect to the ftp server.

So I logged out of the site, and logged back in through my browser just to make sure, there was no problem logging back into the site with the same exact username/password.

I tried with my command line ftp program three times, all came back with the error so I tried from the webpage which lets you browse the folders contents for a direct download, you just need to type in your password, and that gave the same error.

I can only guess that there is a minor problem right now as I was able to access the ftp site in the past, and the only thing that has changed is I have changed my password a while ago from 10 to 15 characters.

1. Make sure you enter your member name and password exactly as you normally enter it, with the same case.

2. Passwords are limited to 12 chars max.


Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • same problem an i have only 9 chars the problem come soon as you change password still cant access ftp download

    2012-10-14 12:05:30 (PowerLaf See Profile)

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