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This modem model is the first offered by Sympatico that can automatically authenticate (log in) to the service for you. When configured to do this, the modem is in router mode. By default, the modem comes to you configured in router mode.

This modem can also be configured in bridge mode. In bridge mode, the modem does not perform authentication. You need to configure your operating system to connect for you (through Access Manager, RASPPPoE, or Windows XP), or use a broadband router to perform the authentication duties. There is a button available from the modem configuration menu that will put the modem into bridged mode so it will function properly with your home router.

To access the web interface, connect the modem directly to your computer (bypassing your router if you have one), release and renew your IP, then access the modem from » in your web browser. From there you can set up your B1 username and password for your account for router mode, or press the button on that screen to change it into bridged mode.

If you ever have to deal with Bell tech support on a line connection issue, you will need to reset the modem to router mode with a reset button on the bottom of the modem, so they can troubleshoot the default configuration.

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