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To make a Poll:

The poll must be the first post in a thread.
You can now edit a poll once you submit it.
Use lower case for the poll command.
Your poll should look like this:
[poll]Ask your question?,Choice 1,Choice 2,Choice3,etc.[/poll]

For example:

[poll]What color is the sky?,red,blue,green,yellow[/poll]
If a poll works, during the preview stage it should display:
[Your poll will appear here after topic is created]
Images may be used for choices:
Ask your question, , , ,

Note: There is a 255 character limit (including html tags) for each choice.

FYI: the poll function works even after the thread is locked. That is, users are still able to vote even when threads are locked.

To create a poll with multiple choices, use the [mpoll] and [/mpoll] tags.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • not working man

    2010-03-05 18:43:52

  • I edited an mpoll and added two more options. I voted for those two options and they did not count. Is the system flawed?

    2009-11-15 15:30:05 (cypherstream See Profile)

  • [mpoll]Xρειάζεται ALLIANCE το GUILD μας? ναι,όχι,μπορούμε και μόνοι μας[/mpoll]

    2009-09-14 16:25:03

  • Typo: Ask your question?,Choice 1,Choice 2,Choice3 Spaces or no speces on the choices? Choice 3 has no space, 1 and 2 do...

    2009-06-27 11:28:24 (dadkins See Profile)

  • I believe that the "FYI: the poll function works..." is incorrect and that now the person who creates the poll can lock or unlock it when they choose.

    2009-05-07 22:01:10 (grobinette See Profile)

  • WIll this work on the fan forum?

    2007-10-27 23:42:27

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