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A: Team Helix Folding@Home Daily Milestones are posted in recognition of members reaching specific intervals in the accumulation of credits/points for Wu's completed, not the number of Wu's completed. Click here for a summary of information on the point values for Wu's of current projects.

The current Milestone intervals are:

1-10 points, a milestone for every 1 point
11-100 points, a milestone every 25 points
101-5000 points, a milestone every 250 points
5001-20000 points, a milestone every 500 points
20001-50000 points, a milestone every 1500 points
50001 points and up, a mielstone every 5000 points

The milestones are pulled from here using a visual basic script written by Starfish See Profile. When this site is unavailable for whatever reason, the milestones cannot be posted.

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