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You can most likely find the firmware on the Usenet, in newsgroup alt.binaries.misc.

Alternatively, people mirror it on the web, search for it using Google.

Try here first:


Or Try the Wayback Archive here:


Look for "5260 to 5660 Update/Upgrade Files Kit" or the file named "5260-5660Kit.zip" (without the quotes) using »www.google.com/

If that doesn't work try this direct link:


Or try the Wayback Archive here:


Also look here:

»rapidshare.com/files/174715822/5···zip.html (appears dead now)

There was a link to a hacked firmware at i-hacked.com (but they took the site down for other reasons):

Since the link above is dead here is an image (below) of what used to be there. Read it for fun, but do not follow the instructions in the image. Thanks to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. »www.archive.org/web/web.php

Read this post for downloading the file "upgrade.img"

Gee, some of the text on that site seems awfully familiar, doesn't it? Yes, it's ripped straight from an older version of my FAQ. Also note that the information on that site is extremely outdated. Please DO NOT follow the instructions on I-hacked without completely reading my FAQ, which is updated regularly!! Note that I-hacked now makes you register (for free) to download the files from their site.

The direct link to files was there, but it's now mirrored at the Internet Archive:

Above is no longer a good link, but is left for archival purposes.

Read this post for downloading the file "upgrade.img"

One version of the firmware mirrored at I-hacked is the infamous version 2.2.0 firmware. This one, if flashed to a "small memory" 5260, will make it impossible to upgrade your 5260 up to 2.3.0 unless you build a serial port for it! You must find a version 2.3.0 or 2.1.0 firmware if your 5260 has a "small memory"!! This is your only warning. DO NOT attempt to upgrade your 5260 with the file at I-hacked if you have a "small memory" 5260 or YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!

There is another file, "upgrade.img" which is mirrored at I-hacked and it's the only one you want. This file is version 2.1.0(29) and is therefore safe to flash to any 5260/5660. Please, verify the version number before you allow the flashing to continue! The modem will tell you what version it received from you and prompt you to cancel or continue! Bottom line is you only want to obtain the "upgrade.img" file.

You will want to search for some variant of "Efficient", "firmware", "5660", or something similar. Please note that if the hacked version you find is old you can flash the latest "official" Efficient firmware after you have finished flashing the hacked one. The only exception is as I mentioned above with "small memory" 5260 which should never ever be flashed with a 2.2.x variant firmware.

Feel free to post to the Efficient forum if you can't find the firmware. Please don't IM me asking for a firmware, I don't have one.

The latest "official" firmware revision from Efficient is 2.3.0(7). If you have flashed an older hacked firmware, it's highly recommended that you upgrade immediately to the latest version. Each version of the firmware is more stable than the last, so it's a good idea in general to keep up with new firmware releases.

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