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  • What is this VCI/VPI stuff? What do I enter?
Here are some known VPI/VCI values.

AT&T - 0/35
Bellsouth 8/35 and 0/35
Covad - 0/35
Earthlink - 0/35
Verizon - 0/35
Pac Bell - 8/35, or 0/35 if you had your PacBell DSL installed between December 14, 1999 and March 2000
Southwestern Bell - 0/35
Sprint - 8/35
CANTV (Venezuela) - 0/33
Cable & Wireless (LIME) Cayman Islands just changed from VPI: 0 VCI: 35 to VPI: 0 VCI: 38 (added 08-24-09)

Various ISP FAQ entries:

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Other values you can try - 0/32, 8/32, 0/100

Zoom has a published listing for US and Other Countries.

What are the VPI, VCI, and Encapsulation settings for my local U.S. DSL Provider?
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What are the VPI, VCI, and Encapsulation settings for my non-USA Internet Service Provider?
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Israel - 8/48

Please note that some ISP's (Earthlink, Mindspring, Speakeasy, etc.) use either Covad or your local telco for the network services. Just use the VPI/VCI specified above for your Telco/CLEC.

If you have another ISP/Broadband Provider and you get it to successfully work with different VPI/VCI please post it to assist others. Please mention the Telco/CLEC/ISP by Name as that is what usually determines the VPI/VCI.

Common VPI/VCI values used in Europe
» ··· vci.html

If you can, try to use PPPoA instead of PPPoE if your ISP supports it, because PPPoA is supposed to be marginally faster. The difference is probably small, but every little bit counts, right?

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