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DON'T DO ANYTHING WITH IT. DO NOT ENABLE IT.. If you do you will make it impossible to access the modem at all over the Ethernet network. If you have done this and you have no serial port on your modem, sorry, but you have trashed your modem. :*(

Please note that the bridge filter and the IP filter ARE NOT THE SAME THING. The IP Filtering works as a primitive firewall, and if you can make it work it's pretty cool. The bridge filter is something else entirely.

It might be possible to manually add a serial port to it, but that involves opening up your modem and doing some serious hardware engineering. That kind of thing is beyond the scope of this FAQ. The practical upshot is, if you enable "bridge filter" you will surely die. So don't do it.

If you really really need to fix your "bridge filter" enabled but serial-port less 5260, I recommend this link: »personal.atl.bellsouth.net/~cbh014 and good luck to you. (Note: Link above is dead and was an offer to fix your unit for $25.00 dollars plus shipping)

Also, jcrews98 See Profile submitted a detailed list of instructions for adding a serial port to the 5260/5660, see the topic "HELP! I Can't upgrade my 5260 after flashing Firmware 2.2.x on it! What do I do?"

Plus more info is available here:

»5260 serial port

and here:

»5660 upgrade notes! Opinions please!!

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