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When Konica Minolta announced the Maxxum 7D I was very excited. The initial buzz was an 8 megapixel digital SLR fully compatible with all previous Maxxum lenses and accessories. Up until that moment I had been contemplating a Canon Digital Rebel. I had figured that with the Rebel plus lenses/filters/flash I would be looking at ~1700 dollars. I was heartened by reports of a 1500 dollar price for the body and that bad boy became item #1 on my Christmas list since it was scheduled for relase in late 2004. Unfortunately, KM downed the megapixels to 6. Various pros I've spoken with suspect it's because Sony manufactures the 8 megapixel CMOS sensor and they may have a contract with Canon.

I did indeed receive the camera and it has yet to disappoint me. Switching from a simpler camera like the 5000i that I had was a bit daunting, I must admit. There are a lot more controls but that's a good thing, it gives me ultimate control over my shots. Even the six megapixels hasn't been a disappointment. I get great 8x10 prints on my Epson RX500 (haven't tried a lab yet) using Xtra-Fine JPG mode.

1) APS-C CCD (23.7mm x 15.6mm)
2) Wide range of ISO modes (Auto, 100-3200*)
3) White Balance is superb
4) Recording to the flash is very fast (using Sandisk Extreme 1GB)
5) Image processing is quick
6) RAW and JPEG can be stored simultaneously
7) Large 2.5" TFT LCD monitor
8) Viewfinder shows 95% of the field of view.
9) Instruction manuals are printed separately for each language, keeping the size down.
10) Works well with my older Sigma lenses from my Maxxum 5000i
11) Anti-shake built into the body so there is no need to buy expensive image stabilization lenses.
12) Ergonomic and well spaced out controls. You can manipulate any camera control while looking through the viewfinder, even this 6'10" hamfisted guy can :). And if you can't, most buttons can be changed from "you must hold it" to a toggle mode.
13) 2 second timer with a mirror lockup when you press the shutter release, this is great for macro shots or telephoto shots and you don't have a cable release or you need to minimize vibration.

1) Not 8 megapixel (but the image quality is still outstanding)
2) Does not include an AC adapter (but one is available)


If you are already invested in the Minolta AF system (Maxxum/Dynax), this is the camera for you. It performs at a par if not better than its Canon and Nikon rivals (in the 1500 dollar price range). The camera can be fully automatic to fully manual and an almost infinite number of modes inbetween. If you are not invested in a lens system and are looking for a top quality, well built digital SLR camera, you cannot go wrong purchasing this digital SLR. KM might be one of the last to release a digital SLR but they took their time to deliver a package that does nothing short of absolutely delighting its users.

* ISO 3200 must be enabled in the setup menus.

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