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Canon S1 IS $300 - $350 depending on where you buy.

See a review of this model at Steves DigiCams

The S1 IS is a point and shoot digital camera which features image stabilization, and yes the image stabilization really does work! It also has a very generous 10x optical zoom, no need to rely on digital zoom anymore. Accepts an adapter that lets you add two additional lenses, a wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens. Combined with the telephone lens, you can basically achieve 20x optical zoom.

Features include:

Video mode achieve near mini-dv camcorder quality with 640x480 movies
Multi-Angle LCD screen you can tilt the screen to your liking, or dock it in the back of the camera.
Built in Pop-up Flash
Multiple shooting modes
Photo Effects

I have had this camera for about 2 months now, and I have nothing but good to write about it. I first picked up the A95, but due to me shaking the camera, the pictures turned out blurry (no fault of the A95). This is when I decided the S1 IS was for me. I had several pictures from the A95 that featured 5 mega pixels and now this one, which features 3.1 mega-pixels, and you cannot tell a difference in quality. I have sent in pictures for on-line processing all the way up to 8x10 so far, and they are superb.

The movie mode on this camera is awesome, if you need to shoot a 5 minute movie or so, and do not want to bring your camcorder along, this is up to the task. The only thing is, when recording at high quality, it will eat your memory card very quick. My 512mb card will fill up at high quality with about 6 minutes of video.

I recommend a high-speed memory card, with it, the camera processes pictures really quick, and you can be ready to shoot more in under a few seconds if that.

I would recommend this camera to anybody that wanted a high-end camera that featured IS, or even if they are looking for a camera with something that has a high optical zoom.

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