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The short answer:

1. Telnet into 5260/5660.
2. Enter command "set priv", use password "enisecret"
3. Enter command "shell"
4. Enter command "memShow"
5. If your modem says you have a memory of 12531680 bytes or 9470496 bytes or something similar, you're in luck. You have a "big memory" 5260.
6. If your modem says you have a memory of 1059344 bytes or 4826576 bytes you have a "small memory" 5260, so use caution.
7. Enter command "logout" to leave the shell and return to the regular command line.

Keep in mind that all 2.3.0 firmwares tend to fit nicely into a "small memory" 5260's memory, as long as you have never installed the now obsolete 2.2.x firmwares.

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last modified: 2002-09-20 22:00:23