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Because there are so many different routers out there, I can't go through the exact procedure to follow to setup port forwarding. The original manual that came with your router (or downloaded from the company webiste) will be able to walk you through connecting to your router's home page and with the needed actions below.

1. If you are using DHCP from your router then you are going to want to create a reserved IP address that is mapped to the MAC address of the nic card in the machine that is going to be remotely accessed.

2. Once that is completed then you are going to need to setup port forwarding to that reserved IP address.

    Forward port 22 for ssh tunnelling
    Forward port 5900 for direct connection to a vnc server
    Forward port 3389 for direct connection to remote desktop

Step-By-Step Instructions on setting up Port Forwarding on many different routers.

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last modified: 2005-03-18 04:45:37