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2Wire FAQ - Based on a 1000SW Firmware 3.5.11

Where is all the fancy stuff?

Q: Can the 2 wire be put in to Bridge Mode?
A: Yes. Placing the 2Wire in to Bridge Mode effectively disables all routing functions, NAT, DHCP, and anything else beyond Layer 2. This is accomplished by going to Management and Diagnostic Console (MDC) section at page Advanced- Configure Services (»homeportal/tech/configuration.html) and then UNCHECKING the Routing Enabled box. Make sure you follow and understand the Warnings on that page before you uncheck the box so you will be aware of how to get back into the 2Wire as disabling routing will possibly change the 2Wires IP address and subnet.

Q: What other modes does the 2Wire support?
A: In addition to Routing Disabled/Bridge mode there are also Bridge Network and Public Network modes. Here the routing/NAT/DHCP/PPPoE services are still on, but the local network is adjusted. These options are on the MDC Local Network Configuration page (»homeportal/tech/configure_network.html)

Public Network being used for when your WAN IP differs from your assigned local network IP addresses, and Bridge Network for allowing the WAN IP to be used on the local network. (NOTE: Bridge Network is NOT the same as Bridge Mode! Bridge Mode causes the 2wire to act as a DSL modem only. Bridge Network has all router/firewall/NAT/DHCP/PPPoE enabled, but also passes the WAN IP through to the LAN side.)

Q: Can I select my own IP scheme for my Private Network?
A: Yes. These options are on the MDC Local Network Configuration page (»homeportal/tech/configure_network.html)

The 2Wire comes with a default Private Network, where the first 32 local IP addresses are reserved for static assignment on your part. The DHCP then starts handing out addresses beginning with .33 through .250

Q: What is DMZplus mode?
A: It is part of the firewall system - Allow all applications - that allows all unsolicited inbound traffic to be directed to one particular computer behind the firewall. It differs from opening a pinhole in the firewall for a particular set of ports in that all unsolicited traffic is directed to the specified computer unless a specific pinhole has been set up to another computer in your network. This configuration is found in the MDC page Firewall - Settings (»homeportal/tech/edit_firewall_settings.html)

Q: What about opening the pinholes in the firewall?
A: See the MDC Firewall - Settings page (»homeportal/tech/edit_firewall_settings.html)

You first select the computer you want to alter the settings for, then you select from a large predefined list of applications or add your own user-defined port ranges.
(NOTE: There has been a bug reported that attempting to open a huge range of ports [+10000] causes the 2Wire to barf and become totally unresponsive, it is unknown if this has been fixed in newer firmware revisions, but for safety sake please dont try to open huge port ranges. Just open what you need or use DMZplus mode.)

Q: Im having some problems with my DSL connection, can the 2wire give me some idea as to whats going on?
A: With firmware revisions 3.5.11 and above there is a Troubleshooting DSL Diagnostics page in the MDC. It is found here: »homeportal/management/dsl_diags.html

Here you want to look for Uncancelled Echo and Impulse Noise Comp. Tones.
Uncancelled Echo would report Suspicious if there was a lot of echo on your line, such as caused by bridged taps out on the phone circuit.
Impulse Noise is the line taking hits and the modem being unable to use some of the DSL tones which leads to lower sync rates. Also on this page is a DSL training history showing what the sync rates and Db values were every time the modem had to retrain the connection.

Also of primary interest are the Db values found here - »homeportal/management/link_statistics.html

This shows a sync rate of 1536 down and 384 up, however the maximum the line can support is 1632 down and 736 up. This is due to this connection being very far away from the Central Office and not being able to support much more then the 1.5 package.
A Noise Margin of 7 and 62 Attenuation is poor. Better lines would have a noise margin over 10, and an attenuation between 20 - 50. A noise Margin below 6 or an attenuation above 64 almost certainly means you will be having trouble maintaining sync.

Q: I want to configure my 2wire's Broadband Link information manually -
A: This page - »homeportal/tech/configure_link.html - for:
DSL and ATM Settings
Internet Connection Settings Connection and Authentication
Internet Connection Settings Hardware Address Override
Internet Connection Settings Internet Address
Internet Connection Settings DNS

Q: Where can I list my Firewall Pinholes and NAT Sessions?
A: »homeportal/management/firewall_info.html

Q: Are there logs available to help troubleshoot things?
A: Yes, there are 2.
The Troubleshooting Event log at »homeportal/management/logs.html which shows things like firewall hits, log ins to the MDC, and DSL going up or down.
And the Advanced Detailed Log at »homeportal/management/debuglog.html which is like a syslog and shows messages from all the internal 2Wire processes.

Q: Can the 2Wire ping and Traceroute?
A: Yes, go to Troubleshooting - Network Test page at »homeportal/management/wan_tests.html and you can Ping or traceroute from inside the 2wire.

Q: Can I Reset things?
A: Go here: »homeportal/tech/resets.html

Courtesy of Riss_Centaur See Profile, 01-20-2005

You can view the states of wan/lan links:

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adsl0 info
module state: UP
flags: line search enabled, dsl signal present
dsl device: dsl0 (41,0) device state: UP, line: 1
total init errors: 0
line 1 search time: 0.0s, init errors: 0, rx_atten: 0.0dB, tx_atten: 0.0dB
line 2 search time: 0.0s, init errors: 0, rx_atten: 0.0dB, tx_atten: 0.0dB
State Changes: 2
To State: UP at: 00:00:22.17
To State: CLIMBING at: 00:00:06.10

Courtesy of dupatch_xx See Profile, 04-15-2005

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