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Verizon is currently deploying their FiOS service only within their network footprint, at this time. A very rare exception may be in overbuild locations, currently some are known in Texas. See this topic for details. »FIOS' overbuilding in North TX

Texas overbuild areas, parts of:
North Plano, 75025
Tarrant and Collin Counties (Watauga, Grapevine, Colleyville, Allen, Frisco and Keller)

Regarding those with SBC, BellSouth, and other telecom service, Verizon isn't an option for any wired service (i.e. phone, DSL, or FiOS) provided to your home.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Note that in Connecticut, Verizon is only in parts of Fairfield County. Basically, Greenwich. The rest of the state is a mix of cable providers and ATT U-Verse. But U-Verse is very spotty. Connecticut really got screwed by seeing SNET sold to ATT instead of Verizon. The state is surrounded by Fios but suffers with small time cable or badly run Comcast. There is no real competition in the state.

    2013-04-20 14:11:10

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