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Seems like standard practice is to use the existing in-house cable TV distribution network. Dish's receivers have an output for the 2nd TV called "agile modulated output". What this means is that you can choose the channel frequency the TV output goes out on over coaxial cable. Push this over the existing cable TV cable back down to where you have your main cable TV splitter, plug the output from that piece of coax where you used to connect the 'drop' from the cable TV co, and then any TV in the house connected to the cable TV network can tune the channel you chose - say channel 21 - and receive the output from the 2nd tuner on the digital receiver box.

The remote that works with the 2nd tuner operates via radio frequency (RF - 200 foot range) rather than infra-red (IR - line-of-sight only) as the first tuner remote control uses. Eventually you may even learn that you no longer need to aim the remote at the TV for digital satellite functions - what it is controlling is the receiver box out of sight in another room.

Then if you have a second dual-tuner box, choose a different output channel (say 41) for the 2nd TV output and use a 2:1 cable splitter to join the coax from box 1 with the coax from box 2 into a single feed, plug that in place of the cable from the pole, and any TV in the house connected to the cable distribution network can then tune the 2nd output from box one (cable channel 21) or the 2nd output from box 2 (cable channel 41). If you can identify the correct remote control ;) you should be able to control those two "second" channels from anywhere in the house.

Here's a pdf of the dish 522 receiver: »www.dishnetwork.com/downloads/pd ··· _522.pdf
Here's a pdf of the dish 322 receiver: »www.dishnetwork.com/downloads/pd ··· _322.pdf

This is probably why they all offer "free" professional installation. ;) Probably WAAAAY cheaper than trying explain the above via a phone support staff. Not to mention the minor matter of trying to successfully lock on to a satellite.

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