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Spotted by dwanzer See Profile, over at Ars Technica. A useful introduction, especially the hints on printing and networking.

Also, spotted here by atesserot See Profile:

Another good, quick read is 10 Things Every New Mac Owner Should Know, spotted on 123Macmini.com.

Spotted here by sfogliatelle See Profile is another guide, targeted especially to MS Office/Entourage users.

More from sfogliatelle See Profile:
While searching for some in-depth sites for help/suggestions on Spotlight I came across these two, which I found to be most helpful: Peachpit on Spotlight and Switch To A Mac on Spotlight.
TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) has a their own, very comprehensive version of "Mac 101", called, appropriately, Mac 101. The address is: »www.tuaw.com/category/Mac-101/ The version you're likely to see as of this writing will include many of the new Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) hints, tip and tricks.

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