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how-to block ads

    •The XP SP3, Vista and 7 firewall is really simple to configure for DC++. Launch DC++ and you will be prompted with the following:

    Click on Unblock

    •That's it! DC++ should now work with the firewall.

    •If you did not see the popup box shown above, check the firewall settings. In Windows XP Service Pack 2 & 3 or Windows Vista: go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Exceptions Tab. For Windows 7: go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall

    The firewall should be On

    If DC++ is not in the list of programs, click on Add Program. Find where dcplusplus.exe resides on your computer (typically c:\program files\dc++\). Click on OK.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Hi I didn't get any block/unblock popup menu. I did select DC++ as an exception but it still won't connect. What do I do?

    2009-03-17 01:36:45

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