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This Section
The Northern California Forum Line Monitor Section provides an easily accessible, reliable, independent indication of the actual performance of member's connections by comparing the line conditions of fellow Nothern California Forum members from your state.

Members sign up for basic line monitoring here at Broadband Reports. We then we use that information to generate graphs that show your line's stats along with others from your state. A very important factor is the way you setup the account. Even if you have a static IP, you must create the account as a dynamic IP. For security and privacy, BBR uses a cookie feature so that if you are logged in, only you can see your static IP graph. But for those that are not logged in, the graph is not visible, it will appear broken. So setting the graph to a dynamic IP will allow everyone to see the graph while the IP will remain hidden. If you have a static IP you do not need to run a DDNS client. Just set the monitor for "dynamic" and then type in your IP address in the "monitor this static address" box.

Click on the individual graphs to display more detailed information for that contributor's connection.

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