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This version is backwards compatible with 1.x and the major enhancements include

* Non-hopping narrowband channel(s) introduced. These are faster but have been criticised as defeating a built-in security mechanism of earlier versions; however frequency hopping is hardly a reliable security mechanism by today's standards. Rather, Bluetooth security is based mostly on cryptography.
* Broadcast/multicast support. Non-hopping channels are used for advertising Bluetooth service profiles offered by various devices to high volumes of Bluetooth devices simultaneously, since there is no need to perform handshaking with every device. (In previous versions the handshaking process takes a bit over one second.)
* Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) of 2.1 Mbit/s.
* Built-in quality of service.
* Distributed media-access control protocols.
* Faster response times.
* Halved power consumption due to shorter duty cycles.
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