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When I logged on today, there were 4 IMs waiting for me from idiots I placed on Ignore months ago. I had to go to their user profile and put them back on Ignore so their IMs would disappear without me having to read their hate mail. Because I didn't physically write down the names of the members I had on Ignore (and I forget who they all were), I now must wait for them to send me hate IMs and once again put them on my Ignore list.

Why did the Ignore feature suddenly stop working? This isn't the first time it happened either.

Ignoring IM's does expire, and has to be reactivated. I don't know the time period, but I believe it's about a month. It's always been like that to the best of my knowledge.

I think people have asked before for it to be changed, and so far it hasn't. It was set up this way deliberately. Though I don't know the reasons, I'm guessing that it was so that people didn't forget they had blocked someone's IM's.


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