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This page displays various information about IPPV purchases:

    Prch GBAMs - This row contains 3 numbers:
      The number of purchase GBAMs receivedThe number of purchase GBAMs accepted by the ISE (Internal Secure Element)The number of purchase GBAMs accepted by the ESE (External Secure Element)
    Last Attempted - These values contain information about the last attempted purchase, regardless of it the purchase was accepted or not:
      Device is the purchase device used for the last purchase attempt. Possible values are "lSE" and "ESE".Result is the result code of the purchase attempt. The codes are too numerous to list here. (This information is for reference by the software developers.)EID is the Entitlement ID of the attempted purchase.Time is the date.time of the attempt.
    Last Success - These values contain information about the last successful purchase:
      EID is the Entitlement ID of the purchased event.Time is the date.time of the purchase.
    FPM Poll - This is the date.time of the last request for the Forward Purchase Message.PPV Collect - This displays up to four pieces of information about the status of Pay-Per-View purchased event collections:
      Leftmost is the last time the set-top was polled for collection of PPV purchases since the set-top was last booted. The timestamp format is MMDD.hhmm or "Never" if there have been no collections.Next, if the set-top has been polled and is waiting to respond to the poll, "Reply@", followed by the time the set-top will reply to the poll, will be displayed.Rightmost is the number of Entitlement IDs (EIDs) of purchased events that have not yet been collected.If the number of EIDs is not zero, the next one or two lines contain the EID values for purchased events that are either uncollected or collected but still in-progress -- four per line, with a maximum of 20 being displayed. (On very rare occasions, there could be more than 20 uncollected EIDs, but only 20 will be displayed).

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last modified: 2005-02-15 20:53:25