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Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • the access level fix link isn't working nothing found

    2013-03-05 06:09:56

  • The following URL will give you the option to remotely reset the DPC-2100

    2012-02-19 14:07:32

  • Nothing will happen on screen when you enter password of W2402, however when you go to and click on Signal, Status or Log, they will be available for viewing if originally locked by your ISP

    2010-12-05 01:43:35

  • Try W2402 intead of w2402

    2010-11-17 21:37:42

  • Is their a universal password that can allow me access to my modem? I am using the correct one but its not working. the reset button doesn't aid in any way. The admin and w2402 is useless as well. Any software or down load I could do??? please advice

    2010-10-17 11:41:34

  • The User guide seems to have moved to http://www.scientificatlanta.com/products/consumers/userguidepdfs/webstar_userguides/4005527.pdf

    2008-12-19 17:53:46

  • How do I Access configuration page on this model Webstar DPC-2100..?

    2008-11-23 05:06:18

  • Accessing configuration page: Unlock the denied pages: set AccessLevel 2 and enter W2402 as password. The access will reset on an upstream signal.

    2008-08-22 17:57:15

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