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Explorer 8300

Explorer 8300HD

Explorer 8300
•Memory: 54 MB
•CPU/Bus : 2 CPU at 250MHz on a 133MHz bus
•Hard drive: 80 GB

Explorer 8300HD
•Memory: 54 MB
•CPU/Bus : 2 CPU at 250MHz on a 133MHz bus
•Hard drive: 160 GB

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • The reason why the 8300HD wouldn't format the 2 terabyte external drive is because it only officially supports external drive capacities of 1 terabyte.

    2013-05-02 17:54:11 (Mike Wolf See Profile)

  • the 8300HD DVR would not format my 2TB eSATA hard drvie.

    2012-08-21 13:36:28

  • H0w do I do an external hard drive to this device?

    2012-01-12 05:07:58

  • Does anyone know how the box selects what frames are shown when you fast forward?

    2011-03-04 15:06:33

  • To fix the low volume issue, press SETTINGS twice to enter the General Settings screen. Scroll down until you reach "Audio Volume Control". Change it from "Variable" to "Fixed". This should give you a significantly hotter audio level on all outputs.

    2010-12-22 16:54:38

  • you don't added 8300HD+ in list. But your faq is very interesting!

    2009-05-21 00:00:04

  • Any way to enable the AUX inputs on the front of the 8300? Time Warner has them disabled. Jake jakemandu@yahoo.com

    2008-08-17 15:28:17

  • Hello, the volume out of the output terminals is very, very low UNLESS you use the menu item "record to VCR". Then the volume is high. However, you can't edit your video/audio transfer under this menu item. Is there a way to make sure the video ports here give a good signal when just playing the TV or video dVR?

    2008-02-22 16:08:28

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