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Enabling WDS Mode on the Motorola WR850G Router (5.13 Firmware):

On Networking/DHCP Server Page, disable the DHCP Server on the Router being used as a repeater. Set the second unit to a LAN Private IP Address of, subnet mask to (Make sure you adjust the DHCP Range on the Master Router to NOT include the .2 range, I would suggest setting the DHCP starting range on the Master Router to start at


Set both SSID's to the same thing (Capitalization and spaces counts)
Set both to the same channel.
Set both Operations Modes to the same thing (Compatibility 802.11b/g)
Hit APPLY Button at bottom of page.


Enable SSID Broadcast
Set ESS Authentication to "Open System"
Set Encryption Status to "None"
Disable "Wireless MAC Address Control"
Hit APPLY Button at bottom of page.


Make sure Short Preamble and Frame Bursting are disabled.
Enable WDS Mode (on 4.03 firmware do not check this box as WDS is already enabled)
Enable WDS Restrict Mode
Enter the other routers WIRELESS MAC address in the others WDS Restrict MAC Address Area (Both routers have to have the others Wireless MAC entered here)
Hit APPLY Button at bottom of page.

RESTART UNITS (Recommend restart main router first, let it fully boot then power-up the second unit)

REMEMBER: The second (repeater) unit MUST be in radio range of the Main Router for this to work. It is recommended that you station the repeater in an area that has at LEAST a LOW to FAIR signal on your client machines, do not place it in locations that have a VERY LOW or non-existent signal.)

Once you have this working you can then turn on security. ONLY WEP is currently supported in WDS Mode (WPA will be supported in the new firmware). When you enable security it must be identical on both units (ESS Authentication and Encryption Status need to be identical, as well as the WEP Key). If you decide to enable "Wireless MAC Access Control List" on the Wireless/Security page, you must enter the Wireless MAC of each router in here as well as the Wireless MAC of any clients (in both routers).

The above information provided by WirelessGuy0 See Profile in this thread: Enabling WDS Mode on the Motorola WR850G

*This FAQ is based on user knowledge from a volunteer core of BroadbandReports' members. This FAQ in no way constitutes official information from Motorola or any of its affiliates.

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