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No. This forum is simply one small part of BroadbandReports.com (BBR) -- which contains dozens of forums specific to technologies, interests, and brands of products. The topic of this forum pertains to D-Link products, but is not intended to signify any positive or negative light on those products.

Without contradiction to any other BBR statement, in this FAQ and forum:

    Use of trade marks - Any mention of a name, brand, mark, or product is for identification purposes only and is not intended to imply any granted permission by their owners. Those names, brands, or marks remain the property of their respective owners.
    Authors' own opinions only - Unless otherwise stated by the author of an item, the author is stating an opinion that belongs to the author alone -- and not their employers, associates, or this system. The reader accepts the authors' advice with the understanding that the reader, not the author, is responsible for any and all impacts of following that advice. Any claims of fact should be taken in the total context of whether the author is relatively or completely anonymous, whether the information can be verified, whether ther is a bias or motive, among other factors.
    Passively Moderated Forum - Information is posted directly to the forum prior to being screened by a moderator. A moderator may, after the fact, edit or remove an item. A moderator may not read all of the messages. That an item appears, or continues to appear, in the forum or FAQ does not imply approval by a moderator. The reader should use the notification controls to notify the moderator of any message does not comply with the rules or intent of the forum, this system, common customs, or any laws.
    Dated, Incorrect, or Incomplete Material - There is no responsibility to correct or remove material that is believed to be inaccurate. Readers should consider that any information they read might contain errors or omissions.

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