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Many of the SMC Wireless products supports WPA. Some of them by default Shipping Firmware / Drivers, while others require you to update the Firmware / Drivers.

Wireless Routers SMC7004VWBR V2; SMC2804WBR; SMC2804WBRP-G; 2304WBR-AG
Access Points SMC2870W; SMC2552W-G; SMC2555W-AG; SMC2586W-G, SMC2582W-B; SMC2671W
PCMCIA / Cardbus Adapters SMC2835W; SMC2536W-AG; SMC2532W-B; 2335W; 2336W-AG
PCI Adapters SMC2802W; SMC2602W V2 / V3; SMC2512W-B; SMC2512W-AG
Wireless USB Adapters SMC2862W-G; SMC2662W V3 / V4; SMCUSB32
Ethernet Bridges SMC2870W; SMC2671W
Adapters that support WPA with Beta drivers SMC2635W
Adapters that support WPA with SMC Utility SMC2536W-AG; SMC2862W-G; SMC2802W V2; SMC2835W V2.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I have an SMCWBR14-G that supports WPA.

    2009-08-09 02:25:11

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