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  • Posting Rules

The Mozilla Forum is for discussions related to setup, troubleshooting and tweaking of Mozilla,FireFox, Thunderbird and related Mozilla products.

1. Please check back a few pages to make sure your question or subject has not recently been covered, or do a quick search of the forum using the search box on the right of the page. Duplicate posts will be locked.

2. When posting a question please provide as much information about the problem you are having and as well as any of the trouble shooting you have already tried. This will allow us to more readily be able to help you.

3. Make reference to your problem in the post title.

4. If you have posted an answer to someone's question and want to add something to your answer, use the edit feature in your post.

5. When answering a post, try not to repeat what someone else has already stated, this includes copying and pasting information from a link someone else in the thread has already posted.

6. Read the thread THOROUGHLY before you attempt to answer and if the problem has been solved, or the question has been answered, there is no reason to post at all.

7. Start a new thread for unrelated posts.

8. If a thread has had no activity for a week or more and you are not the original author of the thread, please refrain from any additional posting in that thread unless absolutely necessary. See #4.

9. Please familiarize yourself with DSLR rules explained in several locations such as Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Rules of posting , and Moderation and Censorship.

Please read the Posting Rules before posting.

Also look over the Mozilla FAQ's as you could find your answer there.

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