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It was suggested that I post these links here. Hope they are useful and maybe give someone an idea on a great meal.

It was suggested I post these links to the Kitchen / Food topic.

These are links to recipe sites as well as food shelf life details.

100 Top Cooking Sites
Canadian Living Magazine
Southern U.S. Cuisine
Epicurious - World's Greatest Recipe Collection
Earth Station 9 - Food and Drink
iChef Online Cookbook
Kraft Foods
Quaker Oatmeal Recipes
Recipe Source - CopyCat Recipes
Secret Restaurant Recipes
CopyKat Creations
All Recipes - Salad Dressings

iChef - How To Repair Food
What Herbs Go Best with
A to Z of Spices
12 Things To Do with Baking Soda
Varieties of Chile Peppers
101 Tricks of the Trade
100's of Assorted Household Ideas and tips
The Cook's Thesaurus
Shelf Life of Food Storage
Shelf Life of Food Part 2

[Edit, JD]:

If you are a poor college student, and have some odd things in the fridge and cabinets, this might help:

Type the list of potential ingredients in google along with the word "recipes".

For instance, this list: recipes fruit cocktail cream cheese bananas

results in this: »www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&···+bananas

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