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If you use either Dial-up Networking, the BellSouth Connection Agent, Enternet 300, RASPPPOE or some other "dial-up" software to "login" (meaning you are using PPPoA or PPPoE), BellSouth does not register or "hard code" your MAC address. If you are using a router (e.g. Linksys) or a modem/router combo (e.g. Cayman) that is configured for PPPoE or PPPoA, you also fall into this category.

If you have an older style "bridged" DSL connection with BellSouth, your MAC address is registered or "hard coded" by BellSouth. Remember, if you are a "Bridged" customer and you change PCs or NIC cards you must register the new MAC address with BellSouth before you can get connectivity.

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