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I think in most cases, anything electronic will die suddenly when a component quits working.

However, say you have a component in the cable modem that only malfunctions when it gets hot....and each time it malfunctions sooner and sooner, it's eventually going to stop working.

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  • Something I often share with friends when they tell me stories of how they've had to replace their modems multiple times, is to think about what kind of external factors could be impacting the device itself. As an example, in my home I went through 4-5 different modems throughout the course of a single year; I immediately stopped having modem issues after purchasing a battery backup. I had a surge protector prior, but my issue was actually stemming from intermittent and irregular power flow. Brown-outs. Electricians I have spoken with suggest it's very possible for smaller 'always on' electronics to have issues if the power source isn't constant. This would include cable boxes as well. Now I don't plug just my TV into the battery back-up, but my digital boxes as well. Smooth sailing ever since. Something to think about...

    2012-11-30 00:18:51 (S1R1US See Profile)

  • From what I gather, the standby switch doesn't power anything down, at least not on my Motorola unit. The modem still maintains sync with the cable network and the device(s) on the local end which is how it can reconnect the instant you take it out of standby. Standby mode just breaks the link between the two networks.

    2008-07-13 02:53:01 (koolkid1563 See Profile)

  • cableguy78199- most cable companies will tell you to leave your modem on all the time(especially if you bought it from them) they are full of it! would you leave your tvs on all day when your not watching them? if you did they wouldnt last too long. so turn them off when not in use, theres usually a standby switch at the top.

    2008-04-06 15:59:32

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