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There are multiple methods for enhancing signal strengths and wireless signal counts.

The first, and most common, option is to add an external antenna to your setup. Usually this is done by purchasing or modifying an external wireless adapter. A "pigtail" is sometimes required to adapt between different coaxial connectors for various antennas.

Antennas come in all shapes and sizes from omnidirectional to directional to parabolic dishes. Depending on the application, certain antennas are a better choice. 90% of the time, for warrdriving, an omnidirectional antenna is the answer. If you are trying to pinpoint the exact location of specific signals, then directional antennas can come in handy as well.

Generally, the setup will have a pigtail plugged into the wireless adapter. The pigtail is then plugged into a high quality coaxial cable, which in turn is connected to the antenna itself.

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