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When people see a computer in a car and weird looking antennas, they do not know what to think. Quite often they simply want to see what is going on, since it looks cool. The key is to not act as if you're doing something illegal, because you're not! If they keep staring at you and make you feel uncomfortable, stare back and start waving at them.

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  • I wanted to try pinpointing on foot. I figured 2 of those magnet-mounted coliniar dipoles, in cophase, just need a good groundplane.. like say, an old steel-pot Army helmet, perfect. Except then I'd be walking around in seemingly aimless patterns, with the antenas on the helmet like some kind of wierd bug, so when the cops finally stop and ask me "what's with the helmet?" I can say "I'm warwalking". What do you suppose that they'll do then?

    2010-09-26 03:00:53 (sucks_cox See Profile)

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