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This FAQ is intended to supplement the wonderful material already out there on configuring your dual processor/HT PC to run two instances of FAH.

If you want to run two instances of FAH, you need to run them -local. Problem is, there's no easy way to tell it to run -local...right?

Not if you go into the registry. :-)

DISCLAIMER: Always make a backup copy of your registry before making any changes. Incorrectly modifying your registry can render your computer inoperable...and an inoperable computer can't fold!

After you set both instances to run as services...

Go to Start - Run - type in regedit (hit enter).

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - System - Current Control Set - Services.

Find the keys Windows generated when you created the service.

Under ImagePath on the right, you'll see the path for the console. Double-click, then add -local before the -svcstart switch. Find the second key (it'll be in the next folder right below the one you're working in) and repeat.

Personally, I like to reboot once I make changes to my registry. (Old school?) The next time the service starts, it will run with the -local switch.

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