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SALES. Creation of orders, information about the service. Marketing comes up with a new # every time they come out with a promotion but the most consistent ones are 1-877-463-6300 or 1-888-427-1405. Normally open 7:30am-8pm M-F, 8-5 Saturday.

CUSTOMER CARE. Their duties have been greatly reduced so the only thing they do now is check on the status of new dsl orders and check on the status of disconnects. 1-800-567-6789, option 1, then option 3. Open 8am to 8pm, M-F, I'm not sure what their current Saturday hours are.

TELEPRODUCTS. Anything and everything regarding your equipment, from billing of it where applicable to tracking it, or additional equipment orders if necessary. 1-800-567-6789, option 1, then option 5, then option 1. Open 8am-8pm M-F.

BILLING. Self explanatory, but only in regards to dsl charges. Equipment charges go to teleproducts. Your local telephone office CANNOT assist you with dsl charges on your bill. 1-800-567-6789, option 1, then option 4. Open 24/7

TECH SUPPORT. Self explanatory. 1-800-567-6789

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