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  • Can I use my own cable modem with WOW?
Customer-owned modems that are certified to DOCSIS 3.0 can be used with WOW! Internet. Customers should have the MAC and serial number for their modem available when they call WOW! to have their modem provisioned for use.

WOW! does not typically provide firmware updates or technical support specific to customer-owned modems.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • According to one of their FAQs, only DOCSIS 1.1 is required. Allegedly DOCSIS is backwards compatible so a 3.0 network would support an older device, but not at the full speeds. To the point about firmware updates, this is only an issue if you get one from a manufacturer that feels like they can ship a broken product and fix it later (all too common these days, unfortunately). It's not going to stop working at some point if it worked properly in the first place. But it's very much a case of caveat emptor.

    2011-07-15 11:08:10 (halovanic See Profile)

  • It really doeesn't matter if the modem is compatible. Since WOW won't update the firmware at some point the modem won't work properly. So sure you can use your own modem but your service will suffer.

    2011-04-16 18:25:20

  • Just make sure that your modem is 100% compatable. Mine was certified DOCSIS 3.0 and would work, but for some reason limited download speeds to 500kps. Once they dropped off their modem my speed jumped to 8mbps.

    2011-04-13 13:26:55

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