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AdminMagic2 - Remote Control:


Single License $99 (US)

Site License for $499.00 (US)

Tools4ever, leading provider of Disk Quota, User Management and Network Management software for all Windows platforms, announced the launch of AdminMagic 2, a completely new version of its popular remote desktop control tool. AdminMagic 2 improves upon performance, reliability and ease of use when controlling remote computers.

•Up and running in 5 minutes
•Affordable; just $99
•Extremely easy to use; wizard based configuration
•No need to visit remote computers
•No software installation on remote computers
•Multiple remote desktops at your fingertips
•Fast; almost realtime performance in LAN environments

•Full remote control of remote computers' desktops
•Wizard-based remote agent deployment
•Remote authentication
•Up and running within 1 minute
•No need to install software on remote computers
•Supports 2003-XP-2000-NT with integrated security
•Control multiple remote desktops simultaneously

New Features Admin Magic 2
•New screen engine: AdminMagic 2 sports a completely new screen engine built from the ground up for maximum performance. Remote controlling PCs in a local area network results in near real-time screen updates.
•Wizard-based remote agent deployment: when launched, AdminMagic 2 improves on ease of use by showing a configuration wizard. This wizard shows you the basics of remote deploying a software agent.
•Remote authentication: a major improvement over the previous version, AdminMagic now features remote authentication, meaning that you can deploy a remote agent using different credentials than your current logon account. This greatly improves usability when connecting to remote sites.

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last modified: 2005-03-18 04:59:15