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The options are really limited here, so just plug one into the 3.5 leg, and the other into a 7 leg.

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    2011-04-26 12:05:08

  • Masturbation is the answer!

    2011-03-11 10:22:30

  • I would suggest getting a balanced 3-way splitter this will provide an equal loss of 5.5 dB on each leg.

    2008-11-10 17:24:08 (TTcntrctr101 See Profile)

  • Just a side note as a technical trainer for a large cable company in North Carolina... When available, you could also implement a balanced 3 way splitter which has 5.5db of loss per leg, connecting the two modems giving even distribution to all ports including the additional port for television services.

    2008-02-18 15:05:48

  • your best bet in this case would be to get your hands on a balanced three way splitter. the loss across all three legs is the same usually 5.5 dB

    2007-09-22 03:02:00

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