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This Section
This is how i did it:

Root permissions is a must!

I downloaded tinker tool »www.bresink.de/osx/TinkerTool.ht ··· ool.html (So I could show hidden files) Using tinkertool I set it to show hidden files and folder and then I went to the folder /etc and just looked for the smb.conf file and opened it up in text edit and added some thing like this:

comment = My MP3 Collection
path = /Volumes/40GIG/MUSIC/iTunes
browseable = yes
read only = no
create mode = 0750

The first line (in brackets) is the name of the folder as Windows machines will see it; you can use the comment to help identify the folder when it's being shared. The path command specifies the physical location of the folder to be shared; setting browseable to yes lets Windows machines see the folder's contents. Setting read-only to no lets the contents of the folder be changed from Windows machines.

The create mode setting sets up, in advance, the permission settings for any new files that get created in this folder. (Setting create mode to 0750 gives full privileges to the folder's owner, read-only privileges for the group, and no permissions for everybody else. This is a good default setting for create mode, as it gives you full access and restricts others from seeing the file.)

To share additional folders, duplicate the section above -- but change the name, comment, and path for each new folder. Once you have created all of the shares you need, save the smb.conf file and exit the editor, it will ask for authentication. Now you just need to activate your new shared folders.

Turn off and restart Windows File Sharing (in System Preferences->Sharing, click the Services tab). You should now be able to log into your new shares from a Windows machine as easily as you can connect to your Home folder. Make sure you disable showing hidden files and folder in tinker tool and exit it.

You can also find another way to do this, »www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2 ··· nts.html look for Hint 16-5

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