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Click Start/Run and enter cmd (or command depending upon your OS) and click the OK button. In the dos box (the black box that opens up) type tracert followed by the site you want to tracert to e.g. tracert dslreports.com and press the enter key.

To copy the result, right click in the window and from the pop-up menu click select all and press enter on the keyboard. The contents are now on the clipboard and can be pasted into a post or any application that will accept text. If you do not want the entire contents of the window, you can click mark instead of select all, then click and drag across the portion you want to copy. While the desired content is highlighted, press the enter key. Now the selected text is on the clipboard.

If tracert does not work for you, have a look here.

Another alternative is to Click Start/Run and enter cmd /k tracert dslreports.com. You may substitute whatever site you wish to use in place of dslreports.com. Use the instructions in the paragraph above to copy the result.

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last modified: 2006-02-04 11:13:26