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If you are having problems with the new MSN-enhanced Sympatico email or MSN Premium service, here is some important information:

How do I know if I'm using MSN-enhanced email?
You use the POP3 email server pophm.sympatico.ca

Norton/Symantec AntiVirus
Certain versions of Norton/Symantec AntiVirus do not co-operate with the new secure SSL email protocol used for downloading email. In some cases, disabling email scanning will solve the problem. In other cases, you must uninstall Norton Antivirus completely in order to get email working again. Please refer to service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/nav.nsf/.. for more information. To date, Symantec has not announced plans to include SSL support for email scanning in a future update or release of its Antivirus software.

Anti-spam or Anti-virus software
Any anti-spam or anti-virus software which you use on your computer MUST be capable of using SSL for both incoming and outgoing e-mail, otherwise it will not work. In some software, you need to explicitly enable this feature. Please consult your documentation or ask in the Software Forum if you need help with your software.

Not receiving messages?
If you are not receiving email messages, they may be getting caught in the agressive spam filter. By default, the spam filter is set to "high" - To change this setting, you need to login to each mailbox via this page service.sympatico.ca/index.cfm?method=.. and go to the options section to lower or disable the spam filtering. Please note that any mail flagged as spam will only be kept for three days - after that it will be deleted without any possibility of recovery.

Login Problems
If you cannot login to your account via the Sympatico website, or get the ".net email not supported" error message, you need to call 310-SURF and immediately ask for a second level technician to have your email account access restored. This technician will contact MSN on your behalf to do this, and have your account access restored while you wait on the line (about a 15 minute wait).

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