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Speed tests are simply how fast it is to get from Point A to Point Z. However, slow downs can occur between your computer and the host. These real world speed tests provide results that are not reproducible from inside your ISP's network.

If your ISP is prepared to locate a speed test server inside its network, then it will give you the most accurate measure for last mile speed. Having a very fast connection within your ISP's network is nice (and is what you're paying for as a customer) but that doesn't mean much in real world usage.

Either way, we have a large selection of Java and Flash based speed tests located both in ISPs and elsewhere on our speed test list. If your ISP is one of those, then you will probably be able to test last mile speed the best by using their local test server. If you are interested in real world test results, then pick another well-connected server. It is your choice.

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