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TBB lets you choose a Primary telephone number in any of the coverage areas. This is the number assigned to your TBB line.

In addition, TBB allows you to have up to two additional phone numbers attached to your Primary TBB line. An Alternate Number can be selected from any of the coverage areas for a small additional charge for each such number (flat fee of $4.00/ month).

•Alternate Numbers are only INCOMING TOLL-FREE numbers for callers in the area code of the alternate number. You pay the monthly flat fee so that people who can make a local call to your Alternate Number, can call (or fax) your Primary TBB number for free.

•Alternate Numbers also have a Distinctive Ring that is different from the Primary Number ring, to help you determine that the incoming call is from an Alternate Number.

•Alternate Numbers are not listed within their corresponding WhitePages' Telephone Directories. For example, an Ottawa Alternate number cannot be listed in the Ottawa White Pages with a Winnipeg address !

•For OUTGOING calls, you only have one number - your TBB Primary number. All outgoing calls from a TBB line will show the CallerID and Name of your Primary TBB number. You cannot make a call (or fax) from an Alternate Number.

•ALL outgoing calls from your TBB line to the area code of your Alternate Number(s) will be billed as long distance (assuming your Primary number and Alternate Number(s) are in different cities).

For example, you may have a Primary TBB line in Ottawa, and two alternate numbers, one in Vancouver and another in Halifax. Callers in Vancouver and Halifax can call (or fax) your Primary TBB Ottawa number Toll Free through your respective Alternate Number in their city - as long as the call to the alternate number exchange itself is a local call for them.

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