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NOTE: Long Distance charges may apply to Remote Phone usage.

The TBB Remote Phone feature enables you to use your TBB Line while you are located remotely from your DVG ATA, to do any of the following:

    •Receive incoming calls remotely (with a manual selection) or automatically when your DVG ATA is OOS - described below.

    Place calls with Local Access Numbers (Remote Phone does NOT need to be enabled for this).

    Place calls with MyTBB Portal Access

Remote Phone usage is also subject to the following restrictions:

    Using Remote Phone when the TBB line is in use.

    Calling home (the TBB #) while using Remote Phone.

Remote Phone Options

Enable Remote User: This manually enables or disables the feature for the Remote Phone Number specified below. When manually enabled:

  • Any incoming call will also ring your Remote Phone Number simultaneously.
    -- From Sept'05 to July'08, it used to NOT simultaneously ring your TBB line; but this was changed after numerous requests from users..

  • If you are about to make a call, when you pick up your TBB phone, you will hear "Remote, Remote, Remote", a slight pause and then dialtone. This is simply to remind you that RemotePhone is enabled. You can start dialing at any time.

    Note: If a call is currently in progress on the Remote Phone, you will not hear any dialtone and will not be able to make any calls from the TBB line until the Remote Phone call is completed. Similarily, if the TBB line is in use, you cannot make a RemotePhone call. You are only paying for one active line!

  • Auto Enable When Phone OOS: When the TBB DVG ATA loses connectivity it routes all calls to the Remote Phone Number you specify below.

  • Enable Remote Caller ID1: If enabled, when using outgoing Remote Phone (local Access or MyTBB Portal Access), it will display your TBB line # as your CallerID1, rather than the number of the phone you are dialing from. If disabled (unchecked), then the Remote Phone's number will be sent as the CallerID1.

  • Remote Phone Number: This can be a cell number, or any direct-dial (DID) number (no extension). This includes any long distance # prefixed with a "1" - LD charges may apply.

  • Ring Remote Phone For: The number of seconds the Remote Phone Number will ring when someone calls your TBB number. Set this to 5 seconds per ring.

  • Challenge Type: This is a dropdown list of options you have to answer an incoming TBB call on your RemotePhone.
    -- The default is press "*" to answer.
    -- If you select "No Challenge", and your RemotePhone Number is a cell phone, there is one issue where some Cellular VoiceMail systems may pickup your TBB call immediately. You will need to try it to verify if this works OK for you.

    Incoming Example:

    When Remote Phone is enabled, incoming calls will ring the Remote Phone Number you specified. If you choose to answer it, you will be presented with the challenge you have set above:

    - When "No Challenge" is selected, you simply answer the call as any other incoming call.
    - ELSE, the Calling and/or Called number is read out, and you are prompted to enter either "*" or your TBB password.

    A Primus FAQ is available in the TBB FAQ Forum with further instructions on how to use Remote Phone,


    if you are already logged into the MyTBB portal in another browser window or tab (in this same browser), then click here for a screenshot and instructions.

    1CallerID - Calling Line ID - CLI

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